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It's in your DNA

Race Your Hound and Win Every Day

Collect Hound NFTs and compete in exciting arenas against other players. Win races to earn prizes and breed new generations of hounds.
Collect and Play
Experience Houndrace, the unparalleled P2E PVP hound racing showdown as players compete for supremacy in vibrant arenas within a genuine multi-chain, multi-asset realm.

Participate in high-octane tournaments and watch your hound perform in stunning 2D and 3D simulations. Outrace your rivals, claim the grand prize and conquer the arena. Hound racing has never been more fun!

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Ready, Set, Race!
Our hounds, like you, radiate uniqueness. A vibrant blend of colors, armor sets, and a smart genetics algorithm ensures that each offspring will retain some of their parents' qualities.

Capitalize on your hound's preferences to outperform opponents on specific distance, surface, and weather conditions. Maximize your hound's potential by picking the perfect race for peak performance!

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Own Arenas
By owning arenas, you own a part of the action. For each race that happens in your arena, you will earn a fee from the total prize pool. Build your own audience as an arena owner in order to maximize the number of races that take place in your arena.

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Powered by DUNE Token
Alpha Dune (DUNE) token is our in-game currency that players can earn from racing and spend in order to recharge hound stamina and breeding during the breeding seasons.

Earn, spend and trade $DUNE tokens inside our ecosystem and participate in the Houndverse.

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Open Mystery Box
Open Houndrace Mystery Boxes and claim unique hounds that are ready to play and breed. Challenge your winner to the next level and join exciting races with other players today.

What's included in the Mystery Box:
  • 1x Unique Houndrace NFT on Polygon

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