Breed and race the next champion

It's in your DNA

Own your hound, compete in arenas with your friends, breed new generations and win races to earn prizes.

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Houndrace is a play-to-earn blockchain racing game that brings the passion of hound racing into the metaverse.
Own your unique racing hound and be part of the action. Personalize it by setting a name and check the unique visual and intrinsic traits that your hound has.
  • Own hounds
  • Own racing arenas
  • Compete in tournaments
  • Breed new generations
  • Win races and earn

Race and compete

Race in new arenas and tournaments with your favorite hounds and compete for the first 3 places in order to win a share from the prize pool.

Breed new generations

Breed new generation of hounds with unique genetic characteristics and body elements and find the next winners.
Our custom genetics algorithm ensures a distributed allocation of new elements and colors while still keeping traits from the parents.

Own arenas

By owning arenas, you own a part of the action. For every race that takes place in your arena, you will earn a fee from the total prize pool.
Become a part of the houndverse

Choose your path

Race your hounds in exciting arenas and tournaments to win the big prize.
Breed the next generation of winners and compete with them in new races or sell them on the marketplace.
Arena Owner
Own the arena where the action takes place and earn a fee from the prize pool from each race that happens in your arena.
Houndrace is part of the Alpha Dune Ecosystem

Enabled by Alpha Dune

Alphadune is the governance hub that manages our entire ecosystem of projects. With Alphadune our aim is to build a more unified and integrated Web3 environment and offer broad utility and interoperability across projects.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Houndrace?

Houndrace is a play-to-earn racing game that brings the passion and joy of hound racing to the metaverse.

On which chain will Houndrace launch?

Houndrace will be initially launched on Polygon. We are aiming at providing a multichain experience with the game and more chains will follow after our initial launch.

When will Houndrace go live?

Houndrace will go live in Q2 2022.

When will the minting event take place?

Houndrace NFTs will mint in Q2 2022.

What will I be able to do with my hound NFTs?

You will be able to join races and breed new hounds.

What are the arenas?

Each race will take place in an arena that can be owned by someone. At the end of the race, after the prizes are allocated to the winners, a share from the total prize pool will also go to the arena owner.

How will I be able to join a race?

Our platform will always have available a pipeline of new races where users can join. You can just filter for the race parameters that you want and pay the entry ticket in order to join the race.

What factors will determine the outcome of the race?

The race will be simulated by our algorithm that will take into consideration multiple factors such as surface preference, weather preference, distance preference and hound stamina.

How will I be able to see each race?

Each race will have its own 2D and 3D simulation where you can watch your hound compete with other players.

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